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The first weeks.
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Socialisation, de first weeks.

Gossip's temperament is admirable. She is a true terrier but also has a great will to please. When she feels threatened she will not back off from a fight, but when she finds that her behavior is not wanted by her owner she stops the fight.

As a mother she is excellent. The delivery, which this time lasted longer than her previous birth( Australian Terrier X Australian Terrier), she has passed without any help or medicine.

We see that sometimes the mother dog lying down on the pups. This can be dangerous for the pups. Gossip moved her pups to the right spot when one of them strayed and was very careful when she lay down.

Although Gossip is in her pack quite social, her instincts came out during her motherhood. She defended her pups very fierce, if she thought there was danger. The first three weeks she spent most of her time in the litter box that could be locked.
Most of the other dogs had respect for Gossips private residence. Especially the young males had a great respect for the nest and stay far away.

To her owner, Gossip showed absolutely no fear for her puppies. Not in the first weeks and not when the puppies were a little older and themselves occasionally found in problems that Gossip could not solve, she did well to make clear that the owner's help was needed.
3 weeks
After about three weeks Gossip also allowed other dogs with her puppies. Not all dogs were equally reliable in her eyes and she was very selective in who is and were not permitted to her pups

The males she did not feel as dangerous as some bitches, A Griffon bitch was constantly out to get the puppies from the litter box to steal and kill.
Once the puppies walking around and they are on their legs firmly her behavior changes quickly from a hysterical killer in a second mother.

But before this, another week passes by in which the puppies stay safe in a large X-pen between the other dogs to explore their surroundings.

All other dogs are very interested and can not wait until the pups finally run free to concentrate on the education of the puppies that is here normally done by all dogs.

During this phase, the Griffon bitch still on the hunt, trying pulling out the pups with her legs through the X-pen. For Gossip no reason to come into action. She probably understands that the puppies behind the solid high fence has nothing to fear from the Griffon.

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Not like Flikje, as a good father he feels that now begins his task to defend the puppies against the other dogs. Not in a hysterical way, but more like he does everything in life, calm he tries to find a solution. This part of his temperament is completely the opposite of that of a Terrier. A terrier often reacts first and than we will see what the consequences are. Flikje you see estimate a situation before he acts.

When the Hunting Griffon was again on the warpath and tried to press herself through the X-pen, he calmly oversaw the situation first and then tried to find a solution. He squeezed himself between the Griffon and the X-pen and then threw himself on his back and offered himself to the Griffon bitch. If she was not responding he sat down and offered her one of his front paws and scratched gently into her face. When the bitch also not responded to this he got up, made ​​himself big and he bit the Griffon in the face.
This took her out of the trance she was in, and danger was relieved for a while till all started over again.

The puppies are now already 4 weeks old and it was about time to set them free to run between all the other dogs so that their training could begin.
But first there had to be the confrontation between the Griffon bitch and the puppies without the security of the X-pen between them.

I exchanged the high X-pen for a low one where every dog ​​could jump over and I told the Griffon bitch that she should behave. Of course she did pretend like she was enormously impressed by my speech but I only needed to turn my back to her and she jumped between the pups. The puppies ran toward her, tail up and wagging happily. Her expression was still evident, she had finally reached her prey, but once one of the puppies licked her face a button was switched. She started wildly to lick the pups and began gently to play with them. The danger was gone and the pups were given the freedom and are living in the group most part of the day from that moment on.