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Brussels Griffon-Brabançon (hereinafter called the Griffon)

The Little Griffon - you are in love with it instantly or you detest the extreme head type. There is almost no way in between. For lovers of the breed, there is nothing more attractive than a typical Griffon head, with their big bright expressive eyes and their very short muzzle makes you think of a little baby monkey. The breed is known to have an almost human expression. It seems to be that the relatively large head and round eyes, the protruding upturned chin and lips give many people endearing feelings. Even though we might not want to admit it but there is something recognizable in the Griffon face.

In addition, the breed has the habit of living for a large part of its life on their hind legs, like it is dancing through life, preferably with the front paws folded. The Griffon has the habit to use their front paws much more than any other breed I have known. Inviting you to play they often use the front paws to hand over the toy. Also, asking for attention is usually supported by the use of the front paw. A tap on your cheek or scratching your arm or hand to get attention is not seldomly seen with the Griffon. All in all, this little companion dog has some similarities to the human body language.

The Griffon is pretty smart, also has clear terrier influences, not only physical but in the way of doing things as well.
A Griffon can show the expression of an innocent child but is well know to use it in such a way to get what it wants. If a Griffon really wants something it will make sure it will happen.
Besides a large "will to please" and a high degree of affection, they also possess the tenacity of a terrier.

Because of the brachycephalic type head with the terrier-like body and because of its wonderful character the Griffon is a bundle of contradictions. This is one of the reasons making the Griffon so attractive and special.
This small breed we care about, must be preserved in health and beauty for the future.